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Ellen DeGeneres Cheating on Wife Portia de Rossi, Will They Split this 2014?

Ellen DeGeneres Cheating on Wife Portia de Rossi. Are they heading for divorce this 2014?

For several months, rumors circulated online claiming that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are not happily married at all. Tons of entertainment and gossip websites cited credible sources and mentioned that Ellen was caught cheating and flirting with their mutual friend.  In addition, the unidentified woman and Ellen had an affair before Portia was sent to a rehabilitation facility in May 2014. A certain report also mentioned that Ellen's infidelity made Portia's case worse than expected.
Ellen DeGeneres Cheating on Wife Portia de Rossi, Will They Split this 2014?
Will the couple heading for split in 2014?
DeGeneres and de Rossi have also been the subject of unending cheating rumors. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi apparently showed no signs of a potential split at the Oscars earlier this year. In fact, Ellen DeGeneres has been open about her disdain for the tabloid rumors about her supposedly crumbling marriage to Portia de Rossi. The host addressed the reports during a December episode of her talk show. But recent reports predict a possible divorce in 2014.   
This speculation intensified when the host was spotted with a mysterious brunette back in February. One unconfirmed report even claimed that DeGeneres continued her affair even after de Rossi entered rehab. Another incident heated up the divorce rumor when de Rossi was supposedly photographed without her wedding ring. Ellen was quicked to defend Portia and said, "she didn't wear it because it causes blister when she rides a horse and holds the reins." But according to an insider, Ellen's infidelity made Portia’s case a lot worse. Portia even videotaped Ellen during her worst times and was threatening to show everybody how Ellen truly is. 
Despite DeGeneres’ comments, it appears that there's a tension in their relationship. A certain report says de Rossi was not exactly thrilled with her wife’s new hobby of flipping houses. 
Meanwhile, the star of "Arrested Development" was secretly checked into Malibu rehab facility last May for drugs and alcohol addiction treatment. According to a source, the couple got into a fight. Portia blamed Ellen for driving her to drink because of her controlling ways and said she wasn't in love with her anymore. Ellen was crushed and screamed at Portia to get out." A separate report mentioned that Ellen took the video and got Portia to rehab to give her enough time to cover up for all the mess. 
As of the moment, Portia is trying her best to be in the best condition while dealing with this incident in their marriage. However, an insider says that it will take a lot of time before Portia will get back to trusting Ellen again due to her betrayal since she is now known to have dinner with other women.
However, according to some reports, this may just be part of the challenges the couple will go through. They still love each other and will eventually find their way back. Ellen is determined to keep her wife and is supporting her by keeping sober herself – detaining from alcohol as well. - businessinsider report

by Abie Remo

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