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Love The Way You Lie Rock Version by Ukrainian Band DELIA

Rock versionof Love the Way You Lie by Rihanna and Eminem

A rock band in Ukraine called Delia rendered a stunning rock version of the hit song "Love the Way You Lie" by Rihanna and Eminem. The music video runs for four minutes and 59 seconds and has garnered 1,500 likes.

The rock version of the song is awesome. The female lead vocalist of the group amazingly performed the song with many creative ad lib of the musical piece.

Here's the rock version of "Love The Way You Lie" by Delia.

Love The Way You Lie Rock Version by Ukrainian Band DELIA

History of the Band

In their official website, it stated that the group as been existing since September 2005. The group made a lot of variations and has adopted various genres.

Initially the music of the band was based on lyrical female vocal, symphonic slope and not simple rocking beats, that’s why the style of the bad was characterized as gothic/symphonic metal. Nevertheless at each level of creative process the musicians are trying to find new and more interesting sound and never limit their music by a certain stylistic format. The variety of material, creative approach to the making of music and performing in different languages identify DELIA among number of Ukrainian bands on hard stage. Active concert and organizational activity also encourages the fact that the name of the band becomes well-known in different musical circles of Ukraine.

The group successfully launched two singles and has been actively participating in various music festivals.


A remarkable hit song of Delia is "Fire." Here's the music video.

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