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The Lessons You will Learn from the "Inside Out" Movie 2015

From the creator of Toy Story,Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures produced another outstanding movie that will cater your emotion in and out.

Each one of us has core emotions functioning in our head and that is joy (Amy Poehler), sadness (Phyllis Smith), fear, disgust and anger. These emotions can be triggered in various ways especially when we are subjected to certain external factors.

The 2015 movie "Inside Out" depicts important moral lessons. It lets you know how our inner emotion affect our decision-making and other things that it does in our lives. Watching this film taught me five(5) important things.

The Lessons You will Learn from the "Inside Out" Movie 2015
Inside Out Movie 2015. (C) Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures.

1. Memories etched in our minds could bring something positive in our lives. Photograph brings back our memories and there are certain things that we do not forget even how long it had been because those are important aspects that let us grow. So live and make memories!

2. Enjoy Life. Our prophets told us that our purpose in life is to be happy and make someone happy. That is definitely true! However, be reminded that you can't be happy without experiencing deepest sadness(sometimes).

Life goes on just like summer to rain but remember there will always be a rainbow after the rain. -Dulara Perera

3. The significant bond of family. No matter what happens to us, our mom and dad will always be our hero. So, have the conviction to build a strong relationship with your family.

4. Setting a dedicated time for ourselves. Riley have the thought that elopement is a solution to her problem because she misses herself in Midwest. Sometimes we might need a little space to find ourselves but don't take your mom's credit card-honesty is the best policy.

5. Not all people we met will stay until the end and not all things will remain forever. We should learn to let go of the things that are no longer needed in our lives. Bing Bong plays a big part of Riley's childhood memory, Joy wants to bring him back to make Riley happy but when Joy have to return to the headquarters, Bing Bong left himself knowing that there are better things to figure out.

"Inside out" is directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen. They came up with a girl named Riley. She is a happy hockey player with a deserving mother and father who lived in Midwest. When she turned 11, her life starts to ride on a roller coaster. Her parents had financial struggles and had to move to San Francisco and that's when her emotions got rumbled.

by Mickaela Tanbonliong

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