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Prettiest Filipino Celebrity: Liza Soberano, says Korean Show

Liza Soberano was chosen as the prettiest star in the list of Filipina celebrities reviewed by Korean show hosts.

A certain Korean TV show aired an episode which focused on Filipino celebrities. The video released on Youtube revealed that Koreans remarkably love the beauty of Liza Soberano. She was noted as the prettiest local celebrity among the list of other pinoy stars.

Korean Star TV published a video on Youtube that captured the reactions of Koreans regarding the physical assets of various Filipino stars including Julia Baretto, Daniel Padilla, Marian Rivera, and Kathryn Bernardo. Among the local personalities assessed by the Korean participants, Liza Soberano stood among them all. The foreigners were amazed on her beauty and they mentioned that she is the prettiest among the female celebrities discussed in the show.

Prettiest Filipino Celebrity: Liza Soberano, says Korean Show
Koreans: Liza Soberano is the prettiest Filipino celebrity.

Common comments in the show about Liza Soberano is her resemblance to a Korean beauty. One of the participants mentioned that Liza looks like Korean singer Nana from After School group, which could have been the reason why the voted her as the prettiest Filipina celebrity.


Watch the video for more details.

Hope Elizabeth "Liza" Hanley Soberano is a Filipino-American actress and model who is part of Star Magic Circle 2013.-wikipedia

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