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5 Things Non-Alcohol Drinkers Wish Everyone Would Understand

How I Wish Alcohol Drinkers Would Understand Those People Who Don't Drink at All

I don’t drink. “Gasp! Oh my gosh! Seriously?” – yup! The most common reactions I hear when I say those words. I tried to drink once for the sake of experience and curiosity and I did not enjoy it one bit. Now being a 20-year-old who doesn’t drink, I have been asked so many questions and unfortunately, some people just don’t understand. The following are things I wish people would just get in their heads about us non-drinkers. 
1.) No, it’s not about religion. It’s not religion, or any belief, or being health conscious. I just really don’t like the taste of alcohol. It’s a matter of personal preference. I can drink juice, or coke, or milkshakes. And even people under certain religions would still need a lot of self-control not to drink. I don’t need self-control. I. Just. Don’t. Drink.
5 Things Non-Alcohol Drinkers Wish Everyone Would Understand
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2.) Yes, I’m still having fun. No I’m not a boring person. Seriously, how messed up is that concept of thinking? Only people who drink have fun? I dance, I party, I share stories, I go crazy and the best part is … I remember all of it the next day and I don’t have a massive headache. And boring? Wouldn’t I be more of a boring person if I only know how to have fun under the influence of alcohol? I can loosen up without it. So don’t judge. Not everybody who doesn’t drink is boring, the same way not everybody who drinks is fun. 
3.) No, I’m not judging those who drink. Seriously, it’s not a big deal. People sometimes feel the need to defend the concept of drinking to us non-drinkers. They say things like “You know, it’s not a bad thing …”, “You just have to do it moderately …” yadada. I don’t need explanations because I’m not judging anybody in the first place. I love my friends. They drink. So? I understand the concept. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I would get angry at the drunkard guy who could not control himself the same way anybody would. I would be annoyed with the girl yelling out curse words and throwing herself around uncontrollably because she can’t control her drinking, the same way anybody would. That’s when I think beer is a bad thing, when you can’t control it and you begin to mess with other people. Still, I understand its role in socializing, and how people drink responsibly so just have fun with it and don’t mind my drinking of a milkshake. I’m not being defensive about my milkshake, so no need to be defensive about your beer. 
4.) No, you are not going to make me drink. People just always seem to assume that sooner or later they can get me to drink. And they even say things like “Oh you won’t last long in this field without drinking.” Or “it’s impossible you won’t learn how to drink. We’ll make you” No. Never. All my life I’ve heard the same lines and every time I hear it, it just sounds funny to me. No one realizes how pathetic it sounds to me, hearing it for the nth time. I have gone through high school, college and even work, without drinking. So don’t think I’m suddenly going to be into it now. Why? Because it’s not even a temptation for me. It’s not something I have to pinch myself for in order to control urges. I hate the taste of alcohol no matter what flavor you put in there. I once drank, but it was my choice. Nobody forced me. I wanted to try out of curiosity and I did not like it. Don’t make me drink, the same way I do not make you stop drinking. Let’s all mind our own business and have fun with everything, shall we?  
5.) No, we don’t need it to forget. We cope with problems our own way. I get asked a lot “How do you cope with problems?” The same way anybody else would, I GET OVER IT! 
So anyway, I just hope this would clear some things out. Have a nice day!

by Abie Remo

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