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I Am A Writer. That’s Who I Am.

You can be both a writer and a painter at the same time.

I have been contemplating on so many things recently and have thought I lost my track on becoming who I am. As pathetic as it may sound, I actually was working and trying so hard to reach my goal so I could be that person already. I wanted so badly to become the ‘someone’ I see myself becoming. We think that we can only figure out who we are once we reach a profession. We associate who people really are with the profession they have or the type of work they do. It would be a dream to actually work as the person who you want to become, but for some people, what they do for work is not who they really are.
I Am A Writer. That’s Who I Am.
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I was afraid that I might not be who I wanted to be. And with all the uncertainties in life, I might come to a point that I will lose myself – I will not know what is to become of me. Of all those times I was trying to figure things out, I wanted to write. Then it hit me like a blazing fire. I wanted to face-palm.
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I didn’t have to wait for a job title to figure out who I am – I already know who I am. Amidst all the things I’ve been trying to do and trying to achieve, I long to write it all down. In my mind I write. I write stories of people I meet. Even as I complain, I write. I have been writing stories since the 90s (it rhymes!) Then I figured. I am a writer! No I do not need it to be a job title, I do not need someone else to call me a writer before I become one. I might be a horrible writer, or a good one. Whatever kind of writer I am, I am a writer nonetheless. 
What am I trying to say here?
I guess I just came to realize that I do not need to wait for a job title to figure out who I really am. And we do not have to search for who we truly are. By this time in life you are already someone. What do you love to do? What do you constantly long for? What is it that makes you joyful?
 I heard about some “rule” that you cannot be called something unless you get paid for it. I debunk that rule. You are a teacher even if you teach for free, if it is your passion. Job titles do not determine who you truly are. Also, you are not only one person. Do not limit yourself. You need not to wait for a label. You can be both a writer and a painter at the same time. As long as you do what you love, then you’re that person. As for me – I am a writer. That’s who I am

by Abie Remo

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