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People Who Function Best at Night | How Night Owls Really Are

Are you productive at night compared to daytime?

Right now, it’s 3:36 in the morning and I'm still fully awake. My energy is still on its peak as I am writing this article. I am a proud night owl and today, I'm going to share some interesting night owl confessions. 
1.) I refuse to say “Good morning” even if it’s past midnight already. It’s “Good night” when I sleep and “Good morning” when I wake up. It doesn’t matter what time it is. 
2.) At night, all the ideas come to me. “I wonder how I would lead the country if I’m president”, “I want to write a song”, “Oh I know the perfect concept for my next story” … In the morning, my brain is oatmeal “E=MC… Hammer… ZZZZzzzz”
People Who Function Best at Night | How Night Owls Really Are
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3.) My bed is my workspace. It’s connected to my laptop, my guitar, my book, my papers and my phone. I work on it at night because no one can ever disturb me. My relationship with my bed grows deeper when I hear the first crow of a rooster. Meaning, when it’s night time for me and morning for everyone else, I sleep.
4.) I am oddly hungrier at night. Part of my nightly routine is to pace to the kitchen and back to my room. Food tastes a lot better at night. A nice cereal, cake, leftover fries, chicken wings, pizza, milk, coffee… yum!
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5.) Can you imagine watching movies in the morning? No way!
6.) I am more productive and prolific at night. School works, office works, writing pieces, all done at night. I don’t even get why my production quality is a lot better when made at night than in the day. 
7.) At night I am motivated to go out there and change the world! To lead a nation! To create the most wonderful masterpieces!!! But then I fall asleep and next thing I know, it’s already morning (afternoon) … oh well!
8.) I daydream at night. I am mostly inspired at night. Suddenly, my heart is filled with wonder and emotion and longing. I reflect on the most secluded thoughts of my mind and I could not stop running scenarios in my head. It’s crazy for me! 
9.) Suddenly there are more things to do on the internet at night. Why is it that in the morning, I feel like the internet is limited? Then all the most interesting things come up when I’m supposed to be sleeping. 
10.)  It’s funny how you don’t know when the person you are talking, chatting or texting with at night just suddenly stops replying. It means you’ve been awake the longest again.

by Abie Remo

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