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Call Center Agent Shot Dead in Makati City

Call center agent succumbed to death due to critical bullet wounds she obtained in a highway robbery along EDSA-Ayala Avenue.

Is the recent call center agent killing in Makati enough to convince Mayor Duterte to run for President in the 2016 national election?

Netizens are calling the attention of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte hoping that the "punisher" will change his decision and would run for President in the 2016 election. This particular incident occurred when a woman who worked in a call center was killed by two robbers in Makati city after she allegedly refused to give her expensive cellphone to the unidentified suspects.

Call Center Agent Shot Dead in Makati City
Photo: Taken from Reena Franchesca Cruz Facebook account. #RestInPeace

Reena Franchesca Cruz, the 23-year-old victim working in a famous call center company, was reportedly riding a Delta Transport bus en route to her home last week when two armed men inside the moving vehicle announced a holdup situation. They demanded the passengers to surrender their phones to them. Reena, who was seated at the rear of the bus, fought with the man when the suspect tried to grab her expensive mobile phone. When she continued to struggle with the suspect, the other man brought out his pistol. The suspect warned the victim that he will shoot her if she won't give her phone. This frightening confrontation happened while the bus with plate number UYD-134 was along the Southbound lane of EDSA corner Ayala Avenue.  

Witnesses related to the journalists that the victim didn't show any sign of giving up her gadget to the robbers prompting one of the suspects to fire his gun. The bullet hit her lower abdomen causing massive damage of Reena's internal organs.  The perpetrators turned to the other passengers and threatened them including the driver who hurriedly unlocked the door leading the quick escape of the suspects.

Reena was rushed to Makati Medical Center (MMC) for immediate treatment. At the emergency room of the hospital, highly skilled doctors worked together to bring back the life of the call center agent. However, they failed to revive the victim primarily due to the critical internal injuries.

Based on the social media account of Reena Franchesca Cruz, she worked as a Customer Service representative at Transcom Worldwide. She graduated BS in Architecture in Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP), Manila. In a post on Facebook, Reena Franchesca's interment is scheduled on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the weather condition. 

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