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Honest Taxi Drivers are Easy to Find in Davao City, Returns Apple Laptop

Being honest is already a natural habit of the taxi drivers in Davao city. It's one of the best behaviors that the drivers in Davao are really proud of.

There has been so many stories of honesty among taxi drivers in the progressive city in Mindanao. Just recently, another man made headlines after remarkably looking for ways to return an expensive laptop.

Claudio Maglahos Jr. was already looking for another passenger to pick up when he suddenly noticed an item at the back seat of his car. He pulled over and parked at the roadside to check the baggage thinking that it could be a potential bomb.

Honest Taxi Drivers are Easy to Find in Davao City, Returns Apple Laptop
The honest taxi driver Claudio Maglahos Jr. returns an expensive Apple laptop via ABS-CBN TV station in Matina, Davao city.

Upon carefully inspecting the bag, it turned out that it contained a Macbook pro laptop, charger, and other important documents. Maglahos tried to look for contact numbers in the documents but to no avail.

Feeling worried that the owner of the items would badly need it, he voluntarily rushed to the famous local TV station of ABS-CBN located at the famous Shrine Hills in Matina, Davao City.

A few hours later, the owner of the items "Raul Torralba" went to ABS-CBN to claim the laptop. He was very thankful to the honest taxi driver in Davao for having a kind heart to return the belongings that he left inside the cab.

Davao city is very popular when it comes to drivers who returns the things left by their passengers. Even several tourists had experience this type of behavior, just like a passenger who was from Marawi city left her iPhone a few months back but an honest taxi driver simply handed it back to her saying that he can live without an Apple product on his hands.

As for Maglahos, he doesn't believe the old children's adage "finders keepers, losers weepers". The honest taxi driver from Davao can't afford to keep lost items with him since those are valuable to the its respective owners.

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