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Isabel Granada Will Look Like 'Sleeping Beauty'

News reports circulated today citing how the late local celebrity Isabel Granada would look like at the day of her wake. She will be like 'Sleeping Beauty', the popular fairy tale character from Walt Disney.

Bianca Lapus recalled sweet memories with Isabel Granada who recently died due to brain aneurysm. In a short post via Instagram, the former actress said;

"It's 6 a.m. and I have not slept at all. In two days I will get to see you again, only now I won't get to hear you laugh especially at my corny jokes."

Bianca considered her friendship with Isabel as "everlasting". Lapus freshly recalled the times when Isabel would make random calls just to talk to her.

Isabel Granada Will Look Like 'Sleeping Beauty'
News report from ABS-CBN news

Bianca cancelled her personal appointments just to arrange the wake of Isabel Granada which will be held in Mandaluyong once the actress' remains arrive from Doha, Qatar.

Lapus shared a picture of the dress which Granada will wear for her funeral. The design was inspired from a mermaid. She said that it's simple and classy.

"You will look just like sleeping beauty," Lapus said. 


Meanwhile, Isabel Granada will be given full military honors by the Philippine Air Force. The actress was part of the community and served as airwoman second class sergeant for two years. - Source: ABS-CBN news

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