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Man in China Bites and Swallows Wife’s Nose

A man reportedly gone wild after his own wife failed to answer his phone calls. The v!olent man allegedly bit the nose of his wife and allegedly swallowed it due to his anger.

On September 6, 2015, a certain woman living in the village of Dezhou in Northwestern China professed that his raging husband teared her nose and later swallowed it all. In a statement given to the police, the woman claimed that she was completely tired on that particular day causing her to miss the calls.

Man in China Bites and Swallows Wife’s Nose
Woman's nose in China disappeared after her husband ripped it off and swallowed it.

The testimony of the victim revealed that her furious husband stormed their house and attacked her. The man held and gripped her arms who then opted to cut her nose using his own teeth. The gross episode became a trending topic in China and the video shared in Youtube immediately earned shares on the web.

Watch the video clip citing the violence committed by the angry man who ripped and swallowed his wife’s nose

In mainland China, domestic violence in the country is reportedly increasing in a rate of 25%-40%. However, very seldom that women received justice.
Source: rachfeed.com, mirror.co.uk

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