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Poor Fisherman Catches Octopus to Pay Debts

An old fisherman and a father of six didn't give up his family despite struggling to pay his debts in Palawan.

A poor fisherman in Palawan catches octopus hoping that it would help him pay his long standing debts. This man, together with his three young sons, goes to the sea on a daily basis to catch fish for their daily consumption too. His story will definitely break your heart.

Marlon Calix is a fisherman from a remote village in Palawan whose sons deferred their studies to help him catch fish and octopus for a living. The story of this family is very common in rural areas where government livelihood programs haven't reached for years.

The members of this poor family endure the heat of the sun as they patiently wait for a school of octopus to show up in certain locations. While they spend their day at the sea, the mother of these three teenagers is also wishing from the shoreline that they will have a good catch for them to survive the day.

Poor Fisherman Catches Octopus to Pay Debts
Marlon Calix. For decades he explores the sea everyday to look for a good catch.

Due to poverty and lack of other source of income, the old fisherman resorted in borrowing money from their neighborhood. Marlon Calix owes a total of P6,000+ to Cristeta Bohol. The native fisherman told the staff of "Reel Time" that he needs two or more years to pay this amount.

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For those who plans to help Marlon Calix, you may contact Raymond Labadan of Apostolic Vicariate of Taytay Social Action Center (AVT-SAC) at 0917-539-6445.

The native fisherman lives at Depelengued, Brgy. Concepcion, Busuanga, Palawan.

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