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Woman Reveals STRANGE Taxi Fare Rate Offered in NAIA Terminal 3

A female passenger revealed the latest strange taxi fare rates randomly being offered to certain passengers at the taxi bay area at the Ninoy Aquino Interntional Airport(NAIA) terminal 3.

Since Christmas season is getting nearer, alleged abusive taxi drivers in NAIA are back with another modus offering a very strange and unreasonable fare rate to passengers. If you are planning a trip, be it domestic flight or if a relative from abroad will arrive at the international airport, you should warn them of this latest incident report.

A female passenger fell into the trap of a man who initially offered a regular metered fare for a trip from Ninoy Aquino International Airport(NAIA) terminal 3 to Cubao. The victim identified as Janine Jennilyn seeks of the assistance of netizens on Facebook to help find the suspects she encountered last September 18, 2016.

From the said post, Janine narrated the horrible experience she had to a pair of men who convinced her to take a taxi ride for a normal rate. Thinking that a metered taxi would give her an opportunity to cut cost, she agreed and took the offer of the man who proactively approached her at the taxi bay area of the airport.

Woman Reveals STRANGE Taxi Fare Rate Offered in NAIA Terminal 3

Janine and her companion went inside the cab after telling the other man to secure their luggage in the car's compartment. Then she asked the taxi driver to start driving when suddenly the first man she spoke to came into the cab and seated next to the driver. In that particular isntance, Jennilyn felt that something is not right but she opted to remain calm and hoping that everything will be alright.

Unexpected Turn of Events

When they were more than halfway of their trip to Cubao, one of the suspects was already acting differently. Janine continued to pretend that she is not feeling any threat at all.

When they arrived in Cubao, the taxi driver parked the car along the highway and demanded a fare of P3,600. The strange fare rate stunned Janine since she could not believe that the short trip would cost that much.

Fearing that the suspects would harm them if they will not agree to their demand, Janine came up with an uncanny plan which is to divert the attention of the suspects while looking for a cop in the area. While psychologically battling with the suspects, Janine continued to provide assurance to the taxi driver that they are willing to pay the whole amount but they have to find an Automated Teller Machine(ATM) first since she didn't have enough cash. 

Pretending that she didn't have money with her, the driver moved around the area to locate an ATM booth. This gave Janine the opportunity to spot a nearby cop.

The female victim immediately asked the abusive taxi driver to stop. Just right after parking the car along the street, the companion of Janine was heard by the suspects providing instructions to her on how to get the attention of the police. This prompted the suspects two alight from the car to unload the belongings of the victims at the sidewalk then the two unidentified men sped away from the scene.

If you want to gather more details of this story, go ahead and check the photos as well as the uploaded videos below. At the comment section of the Facebook post, you can also obtain important information and additional clues on how this particular modus operandi is done at the infamous airport. According to some netizens, they encountered similar incidents when they were also looking for a taxi service in NAIA terminal 3.

Attention!!!! be aware to this taxi driver and caller..! (MADAMI NA PONG NAGMAIL SA AKIN NA NABIKTIMA NA DIN PO SILA NG...

Posted by Janine Jennilyn on Sunday, September 18, 2016

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