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Cheap RC Cola with Gasoline in Tagum City (Davao Province)

Low-price RC Cola soft drinks mixed with gasoline are allegedly sold in Tagum city.

Cheap Biggie RC Cola soft drinks diluted with gasoline are being sold in Tagum City, a known province in Davao del Norte. The news was initially published by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) which warned the general public to be more careful when purchasing cola drinks this summer.

According to the Facebook post of DTI based in Davao del Norte, a certain man was deliberately distributing and selling an RC Cola at a very low price in various villages in Tagum City. One of the customers, however, reported the incident to the government agency.

Cheap RC Cola with Gasoline in Tagum City (Davao Province)
Gasoline content was allegedly found in RC Cola soft drinks being sold in Tagum City.

The complainant reportedly felt a burning sensation in his throat and smelled gasoline after drinking an RC Cola, which was bought by an officemate. The victim was later brought to the Regional Hospital for immediate treatment.


The Biggie (1.5L) RC Cola drinks were brought to the workplace and were stored in the office refrigerator. The said soft drink was allegedly sold for only P18 from its suggested retail price of P32. All of the items were tightly sealed when it were purchased, according to the report.  The suspect purportedly used a rickshaw to transport the drinks.

Meanwhile, Philippine Information Agency said, "the complainant to bring the case to the Department of Health – Food and Drugs Administration since it was under their jurisdiction."

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