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Chocolate Scandal Video Most Searched Keyword in Facebook

44-year-old comedian, actor, and TV host "Chokoleit" is linked to the viral Chocolate scandal video where he is seen kissing a handsome guy in a crowded bar.

The scandal footage of Chokoleit popularly known as #Chocolatescandal video is the widely searched keywords in Facebook. This viral story earns the top trending spot after a huge local Facebook page in the Philippines shared the original post of Aliah Ferrer Vasquez.

The stand-up comedian who shot to fame because of his hilarious jokes gained thousands of followers and supporters. The moniker, Chokoleit, became his stage name because of his dark skin which has been fondly compared to a dark chocolate.

The humbling beginning of the comedian is one of the distinctive reputation of Chokoleit. However, all of his success stories in the entertainment industry collapsed when a netizen uploaded a scandalous clip on Facebook.

The footage called Chocolate scandal is earning millions of views. It has drawn mixed reactions from netizens but majority of the comments aren't in favor of what he did.

In the 65-second video, Chokoleit is seen torridly kissing a handsome guy believed to be his boyfriend. Though LGBT is openly discussed, there are people who could not really accept this group. The religious belief of the Filipinos is also driving discrimination and hate to this gender groups.

The viral Chocolate scandal video of the comedian continues to be the top topic in Facebook. Watch the scandalous video of Chokoleit and share your opinion using the comment box at the bottom of the page.

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