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Look! Girl Raped Then Murdered by Her Uncle and Cousin in Nueva Ecija

Can you imagine a girl being raped and killed by her own relatives? The scenario is a bit strange but a certain case like that happened in the rural area of Jaen, Nueva Ecija.

A horrible news involving a beautiful 17-year-old teenager hits the headlines. The girl was reportedly "raped" and killed by her relatives in Nueva, Ecija last week. In the said town, a girl was allegedly molested and murdered by her own uncle and cousin.

The girl, whose name has been kept secret for privacy reasons, purportedly left her home to do her morning routine last Tuesday. She completed a few minutes of jogging exercise just within the perimeter of the village for many times except the one she had last week.

Look! Girl Raped Then Murdered by Her Uncle and Cousin in Nueva Ecija

The teenager was no longer able to reach her house because of a tragic incident that ended her life. In a report of News5, the lifeless body of the victim was dumped at the grassy field next to the national road in Jaen, Nueva Ecija.

At first, no one could give clues about the possible suspects who murdered the sexy and beautiful girl until the crime scene investigators noticed a series of blood stains that creates a path along the highway. The authorities followed the blood spots which later ended at the gate of a big house. 

The police personnel placed the residential area for further investigation. During the progress of the inquiry, the detectives noticed two people in the garage trying to remove some blood marks.

According to the preliminary report, the primary suspects were the uncle and the cousin of the girl. These men were arrested and brought to the police station for interrogation. They were later placed under the police custody because of a strong lead linking them to the "rape" and killing incident in Jaen.

The parents of the 17-year-old rape victim strongly believe that the suspects were under the influence of prohibited drugs when they committed the crime. The father of the girl said, "no man can possibly execute the brutal crime without taking a marijuana or other form of drugs!"

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