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'John Prats' Murdered in Cebu City

John Prats was reportedly murdered in Cebu by an unidentified suspect

John Prats was allegedly murdered by a man in Cebu last Friday morning. The 31-year-old TV host and comedian was reportedly shot on his head which led to his death.

According to various news outlets, 'John Prats' was on the driver's seat of a FUSO Fighter truck when a man pulled a trigger on his head. The viral news brought tears to all avid followers of the actor, who rose to fame after he was included in the classic youth show "Ang TV", which aired its final episode in 1997.

'John Prats' Murdered in Cebu City
Photo used by a certain blogger claiming that the 31-year-old comedian and TV host was allegedly gunned down and murdered in Cebu city.

However, some skeptical netizens found out that the news was mispresented by a blogger who used the photo of the local personality. The amateur writer included the hashtag "RIP #JohnPrats" which caused a misleading report.

Hundreds of netizens are currently bashing the author for his irresponsible post. The outragious followers are also demanding a public apology from the said local blogger.

VIPstriker scrutinized the news and conducted a research on the misleading report. John Prats was really murdered in Cebu but the identity of the killed victim in Cebu wasn't really the celebrity. In a report published by PhilStar and other tabloids, the truck driver who reported the crime identified the victim as 'John Prats'. Apparently, the name is just an alias and the case is not related to the famous actor.

by VIP striker

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