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Missing Student in Bacolod Raped and Killed in Sugarcane Field

An Information Technology student of STI went missing on Monday in Bacolod City. When she was found by authorities in a sugarcane field, she was already dead.

A missing female teenager identified as Shella Condes was allegedly raped and brutally killed by a group of men in a sugarcane field in Barangay Estefania, Bacolod city. According to the initial report, the 19-year-old college student of STI-West Negros University was supposed to meet her friends in a nearby village on Sunday night but she failed to reach her destination.

Missing Student in Bacolod Raped and Killed in Sugarcane Field
The rape victim, Shella Condes, was allegedly raped and killed by a tricycle driver in a sugarcane field in Bacolod city. Photo courtesy of solcialtrendsph.com.

Full story behind the rape-slay incident

Shella Condes allegedly left their house located in Fortune Towne, Estefania at around 11p.m. to visit her friends in Barangay Villamonte. At the middle of the night, the beautiful student hired a tricycle driver and asked him to drop her at the nearby village. The friends of Shella waited the whole night but she never arrived.

The next day, the anxious parents of Shella Condes went to the local police station to officially declare that their daughter was missing. They attempted to contact the mobile phone of Shella but no one picked up the call.

The authorities immediately put up a notice to the public advising that Shella Condes failed to return home. For four days, the family members of the rape victim didn't have a clue regarding her location until the local cops cornered the tricycle driver identified as Ricardo "Badong" Ewayan, 34 years old, who is also the prime suspect of the rape-slay incident.

In an intensified pursuit, the crime investigators learned the exact location of the suspect. The tricycle driver was later captured and arrested at Sitio Bingig, Barangay 3 in Himamaylan City, also in Negros Occidental, Thursday lunch time. Ricardo Ewayan tried to resist from being arrested but the cops pinned him down and took control of the situation. The cellphone of Shella Condes, a vital evidence against him, was also retrieved from Ewayan's possession. 

The suspect confessed that he committed the crime while under the influence of liquor. He also admitted that before he raped Shella Condes, he punched and hit her head with a solid rock when the girl resisted the sexual assault. Then later, he led the authorities to the site where he raped and killed the victim.

When the authorities arrived at the crime scene(sugarcane field in Bacolod City which is 500 meters away from Negros Occidental Police Provincial headquarters), the lifeless Shella Condes was seen totally naked. The suspects apparently used her own clothes to tie her arms as well.

Ewayan, who is currently tagged as the prime suspect, is now detained at Police Station 4. The tricycle driver will face charges of rape and robbery with homicide. The suspect was also scheduled to undergo a drug test.

On the other hand, the parents and family members of Shella Condes are calling the attention of the local authorities for justice of their daughter's horrible death. They became more emotional when learning that there is a great possibility that other men were part of the rape incident in Bacolod.

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