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UP Student Deactivates Facebook Account Due to Death Threats

Student who arrogantly demanded Mayor Duterte to give direct answers to his question is allegedly receiving multiple death threats.

The University of the Philippines(UP) student deactivated his Facebook account after he received numerous death threats following the viral video depicting his arrogance to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte during a forum in Los Baños, Laguna. He impolitely interrupted the Mayor who was still explaining a piece of the answer to his question.

Stephen Villena is in hot waters after he gravely pressed Mayor Duterte to provide answers to his question so the Presidential candidate can go home early. The UPLB student initially raised the question to Duterte with respect but a few moments later he made a striking statement demanding the Mayor to give straight answer to his question. He further insisted that all the students are asking direct questions, so he demanded Mayor Duterte to deliver straight answers as well.

The student apparently put himself in a bad situation because of the wrong choice of words and for saying that the Mayor can go home early if he would be quick enough to specify his answers.

The video of encounter of the infamous UP student and Duterte has gone viral on the internet. It instantly caught the attention of both Duterte supporters as well as other users on social media.

UP Student Deactivates Facebook Account Due to Death Threats

In response to the arrogant manners of Villena, several types of memes were shared on the internet. There's one particular disturbing photo showing a composite image of Stephen and a message that reads, "I was killed because I am IDIOT and STUPID". Because of this alarming incident, the UPLB student deactivated his Facebook account since he allegedly received multiple death threats from anonymous texters and callers.


We will leave this matter to you and we will be glad to hear your thoughts on this issue. Also, it's not yet fully verified if the person in the photo and Stephen Villena are just one person. If you have additional details on this viral news, please drop your comments below.

Here's the video containing the conversation of Duterte and the UP student.

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