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Watch:Viral RapBeh Scandal Video, Part1 & Part 2

Part 1 and part 2 of RapBeh video scandal footage are circulating on social media like wildfire. The trending topic has replaced the Pagadian scandal which was the talk of the town early this week.

Two parts of RapBeh videos are trending on Facebook! There's no way of stopping it since curious netizens especially the millennials who are always updated on the latest topics on Facebook are searching all corners of the internet to have a look on the controversial clip.

Content of RapBeh videos

The footages of the scandal features a young couple while surrounding spectators are watching them, taking close up pictures and videos of the sexual encounter.

"The girl in the video identified as Claire Marielle Miralo cries foul over the spread of her scandal video on Facebook. She was allegedly forced to drink a liquor with an additional substance that made her dizzy and weak", a post of DiversityHuman.com reported.

Watch:Viral RapBeh Scandal Video, Part1 & Part 2

"There are two versions of the said scandal which are named part 1 and part 2. The shorter version of the controvesial RapBeh video has been allegedly leaked online without the victims knowledge. In it, the friends of the young couple are seen filming them while doing the thing", another blog said in a post.

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From the looks of the situation, it seems that the victims are innocent and could have disregarded the potential risk that their intimate encounter will be shared online.


Meanwhile, in a separate Facebook post, someone claimed that the girl in RapBeh videos committed suicide after receiving insults, cyberbullying attacks, and other form of public humiliation.

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The message telling that Claire Marielle is already dead came from a certain "Olma Maika" who sent a personal message to one of the friends of RapBeh girl.


However, someone named "Jhon Peter Santos" reasserted that Claire is alive and she is in Angeles, Pampanga working for a certain company.


In addition to that, the wife of Jhon with social media account profile of "Anne Santos Santos" reassured that Rapbeh girl is indeed alive and that they are planning to request for a thorough investigation of the case to identify the people behind the spread of RapBeh part 1 and part 2 video scandal.


While the affected young couple are in trouble, thousands of netizens are also sharing their unsocilited opinions on Facebook making the topic as the topmost searched item on social media.

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Update: Claire is allegedly experiencing heavy trauma because of the scandal. RapBeh girl is disappointed to her friends whom she trusted not to spread the videos. The depressed victim will be taken cared by Jhon and his wife while they are awaiting for legal advice. They are also hoping that they will have a counseling support from the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

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