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Arrogant Woman "Karla Monique Olandesca" Shames an MRT Passenger For Not Sharing a Seat

A woman arrogantly posted a shameful message on Facebook against a man who did not share a seat in Manila Metro Rail Transit(MRT). The girl commuter also uploaded a photo of the guy whom she described as an "ugly" man with bad behavior.

After the arrogant condo owner Louie Baltazar responded to his bashers online, another person who claims to be living in a condominium unit turned to social media to issue a humiliating statement against an MRT passenger that she didn't like. The sentiment of Karla Monique Olandesca was allegedly triggered by a man riding in MRT who did not offer a seat to her.

Olandesca could have initially thought that posting her awful commuting experience on social media could gain sympathizers, so she narrated the story in a post on Facebook that immediately gone viral for some obvious reasons.

Arrogant Woman "Karla Monique Olandesca" Shames an MRT Passenger For Not Sharing a Seat

In just a couple of hours, she has drawn hundreds of bashers. Karla's remarks were presented in a very negative way causing thousands of people to react to it. Here's the original message from her Facebook status.

"ShoutOut Nga Pala Dun Sa Lalaki Knina Sa MRT. ( Pauwi Ako Sa Condo. Sumakay Ako MRT mula North Ave. To Araneta Cubao )

Nasa Harap Mo Ko. Ano Manlang Sna Yung Kusa Kang Nagpa-Upo. Pa-Tingin Tingin Kapa. Kala Mo Hindi Ko Nahahalata. Yung Pagiging Un-Gentleman Mo.. Sana Hindi yan Gawin Sa Nanay Mo. Sigurado Naman Matanda Nadin Nanay Mo. At Kung May Kapatid Kang Babae. (Kung Meron Man )

Kung Ano Yung Kina-Pangit Ng Mukha Mo.. Yung Din Kina-Pangit Ng Ugali Mo. Bagay Na Bagay yung Mukha Mo Sa Ugali. Perfect Combination Pare! Haha!"

It's not a surprise that her intention to gain supporters was reversed into an army of bashers because of her mean message to the unidentified man.

As of writing, the post of Karla is already offline but netizens were quick to capture a screenshot of her rants. Similarly, her personal photos were also saved and shared by the netizens including administrators of large Facebook pages.

Karla Monique Olandesca 

Many internet users provided their unsolicited advise to Olandesca to give her proper lessons because of her arrogance. One particular netizen said Karla should stop bullying the man simply because he did not offer her a seat in MRT. The same netizen said that it's not a man's duty to vacate an MRT seat to a woman like her.

UPDATE: Her name is now changed to Maxene Montero but the link of the Facebook profile is similar to her official Facebook account. Also, one of her relatives is strongly defending Karla from her bashers online.

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