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Pagadian Scandal Viral Video Hits Online

Pagadian scandal video leaked on the internet prompting the victims to react and urge the netizens to avoid sharing and re-uploading the videos on other social media platforms.

Stop sharing the PagadianScandal video! This is the humble request of the parties involved in the alleged 27-minute sex video clip.

Filipino netizens were initially debating if the short video, around 8 seconds, involves foreign individuals. However, upon closely listening the conversation of the victims it confirmed that the clip indeed is the Pagadian scandal.

There has been thousands of search queries on Facebook related to the hashtag #PagadianScandal after the blogging community published articles citing the authenticity of the clips, according to this blog site.

Pagadian Scandal Viral Video Hits Online

The content of the video vividly shows a male and female enjoying on bed while the other two gays were busy recording the scene. At one particular point, one of the gays was staring the groin of the man while he was pumping in and out of the girl.

The video that we found did not show the whole face of the woman. Probably, the longer version might have that aspect. The reason why we would like to see the face of the girl is because we like to validate the comment of a netizen who said that the woman is very ugly and can make someone laugh instead of getting aroused.

The viral PagadianScandal video has not been shared yet on adult websites but we still manage to find clips of the said content online.

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