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Video: Girl Gets Electrocuted Upon Touching a Fence

A girl in a viral video has been initially assumed by netizens to be in a state of being electrocuted while she is seen holding a cyclone fence. The place of the incident remains unverified.

A girl appears to be under under a high voltage shock at the start of the 44-second footage. However, upon scrutinizing the video, surprisingly it shows a girl and a man having a steamy sex in the unidentified open space. Curious netizens believed that the video was captured at a particular section of a public park or recreation area.

As the video continues to play, you will really notice that the cyclone fence doesn't really have any electric current flowing in it but it's been caused by the girl who apparently shakes it too hard while the man was at her behind.

The viral video has been called by internet users as #BeAware scandal video. As of writing, the clip has earned a total of 2.2 million views aside from the other copies of the footage that has been shared and uploaded on other social networking sites. If you are curious enough, play the video below to see the real action.

babae nakuryente kawawa naman. wag mag so sout sa mga sikot na lugar :'(


Posted by Kurdapyo on Friday, November 11, 2016

As a piece of advice, anyone can enjoy quality time with their partner but having a sexual encounter in an open field is something that we don't suggest. Do it in a private place where no one could potentially see the lewd scenes.

For those who believe that the couple are exhibitionists, we will live that opinion for further discussion. It's hard to argue this statement since the beAware video is too short and there are no relevant information that describes the incident. The caption of the clip on Facebook is nothing but a clickbait strategy for the netizens to hit the and play the footage.

Once again, if you think that the couple intentionally did this in public because they are certified exhibitionist, go ahead and share your views using the comment section below but be nice on your words.

by VIP striker

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