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Watch:Beautiful Girl Selling Fruit Shake in Panabo City

A video of a charming girl who sells a variety of fruit shake in Panabo city is a must watch clip. She is adorable, appealing, and cute but above all she is a good example of a simple Filipina beauty.

Selling fruit shake is very common when summer season is getting closer. In the Philippines, this time of the year is so hot and the best way to rehydrate is through a refreshing fruit shake. This business is the venture of #fruitshake girl who was spotted in Panabo city night market last weekend.

Every people who saw her photo on Facebook were captivated with her enchanting simple Filipina beauty. Men were instantly attracted to the hard-working teenager.

Many of you might have heard the viral story of carrot man, a hunk from the mountain province, who shot to fame after his photos were uploaded online. Same goes to badjao girl who was included in the PBB teen edition last year. There are several other personalities who became famous after thousands of bloggers featured them in their websites. We hope the same scenario would happen to this beautiful girl from Panabo city.

Watch:Beautiful Girl Selling Fruit Shake in Panabo City
FruitShakeGirl's identity remains unknown. A netizen claimed she was spotted in Panabo city, a place next to Davao City.

The netizen who initially shared the video on Youtube didn't leave any information regarding the identify of the pretty vendor. If you have the information of fruit shake girl, please use the comment box below to share the details of it.

Watch the video of fruit shake girl where she is seen selling fruit shakes to her customers in Panabo city.

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