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Watch:Taxi Girl Viral Videos of Ashby Aldane Cruz

Have you watched the videos of a girl and the taxi driver who were fighting because of the arrogant father of the female passenger?

There have been stories involving disrespectful taxi drivers in the metro but recently an opposite situation occurred. A certain female commuter popularly called "taxi girl" on social media allegedly berated a driver and posted humiliating videos and messages on Facebook.

The initial intent of the girl in posting the videos on social media is apparently to convince the netizens that she and her father were mistreated by the taxi driver. Unfortunately, she failed to win the sympathy of the netizens. Instead, her post backfired at her and thousands of people became angry because of her rudeness to the cab driver.

Watch:Taxi Girl Viral Videos of Ashby Aldane Cruz
Ashby Aldane Cruz(Yeng) a.k.a #TaxiGirl

The infamous taxi girl has been identified by the netizens as Ashby Aldane Cruz whose Facebook account is currently inaccessible. Probably she deactivated her account after earning a lot of bashers on the internet.

However, "trolls" on Facebook were very quick in gathering the online artifacts and immediately took a screenshot of her rants on social media. In her post, she mentioned that the taxi driver didn't have any consideration of her father's health condition. She claimed that they were only requesting for a quick stopover at a certain drug store to buy some medicine of her elderly parent but the taxi driver declined since he can't waste a lot of time.

The father of taxi girl was the one who initially recorded the heated conversation against the driver. In the second viral video, the female taxi passenger was already the one who took the footage and even overheard cursing the driver.

Watch the viral video clips involving Ashby Aldane Cruz who became verbally abusive against the poor taxi driver.

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