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Worst GrabCar Driver in Metro Manila, Most Awful Experience from Grab Driver in August

GrabCar was the only best option for my wife's transportation in August 2017 when Uber was shutdown due to the suspension order from LTFRB. My wife's experience was hell. Grabcar's driver manner was worst ever!

James Deakins bragged the professional behavior of Uber/GrabCar drivers as compared to the manners of taxi drivers. He repeatedly mentioned this particular advantage when he joined the Senate hearing over the controversial issue involving Transport Network Vehicle Service(TNVs) and taxi operators.

Though it's too good to be "always" true, certain days in  August was a pivoting point at which Uber passengers could personally compare the service offered by Grabcar and its self-proclaimed "professional" drivers because of the immediate suspension released by the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board against Uber Philippines.

Worst GrabCar Driver in Metro Manila, Most Awful Experience from Grab Driver in August
Who said Grab drivers are very professional?

Awful Experience with GrabCar Driver

My wife was one of those people who was forced to temporarily use Grab services. She booked a car from Grab in August 22, 2017.

One of the habits that we normally practice is to inform the driver on the smallest bill we have at hand the moment we notice the trip starts. In this way, we could make a stop in a nearby gasoline station if we need to break down the bills. However, in the case of my wife's experience last August 22, the driver confirmed that he had enough money for the P500 bill of my wife.

Also, my wife applied a promo code for her trip which should should give her a discount of P50. My wife's total fare was P228. Deducting the promo amount, her fare should only be P178.

Heto kainis
When i ask[sic] the driver if may barya sa sya 2
Sabi nya oo
Ang bill ko ay 180
Ang barya lang nya is 240

If you do the Math, the driver instantly pocketed 82 pesos. The Grab driver was Michael Andrew Alejandro Escall with car's conduction sticker of NP0509.

My lovely wife filed a complaint to Grab Philippines but for weeks now, no reply nor any single action was taken by the company.

I also tried to use GrabCar services in August whenever I had an important meeting to attend. I also had a lot of bad experiences like the driver cancelled the booking after I waited for him to arrive for nearly 8 minutes. Some even cancelled right after they accepted the booked trip.

In line with my wife's experience, I also encountered a Grabcar driver who didn't even bother to return the amount that I should be receiving back. Though it was only six(6) pesos but still as a professional driver you should be proactive in giving back the money to your passengers.

I don't have any clue of the system used in Grab but overall, I will not suggest nor recommend Grab to my colleagues and friends.

by VIP striker

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