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Accenture Allstars Won Colympics 2015 Cheerdance Competition

The committee of Call Center Olympics 2015 declared Accenture Allstars as the winner for the cheerdance competition.

Accenture Inc., the world's most valuable Business Process Outsourcing, proudly announced their cheerdancers as the overall winner of the Call Center Olympics 2015 held at the Meralco Gym in Ortigas.

In the video, everyone appears to be not interested in watching the performance of Accenture Allstars not until the entire force of the group were noticed by the crowd a few seconds after the whole gang displayed their surprising cheerdance routine.

Accenture Allstars earned respect from all judges after they executed perfect tosses and awesome mid-air splits. If you can't relate how I exactly described their unbelievable cheerdance performance, you may scroll down and watch the video clip immediately.

Accenture Allstars Won Colympics 2015 Cheerdance Competition
Accenture Allstars Cheerdance group wins the highly coveted competition among call center employees.

Meanwhile, the call center olympics a.k.a. Colympics posted a message regarding the cheerdance competition. Thousands of netizens rushed to the page thinking that the videos of all competitors are available on the page. As of writing, none of the 2015 Colympics cheerdance clips are uploaded on social media. However, we managed to find a copy of the video in Youtube.

Here's the video of Accenture Allstars' unquestionable, excellent, and flawless cheerdance performance.

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