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The Destroyer 'Manny Pacquiao' showed Mercy to Rios

Pacquiao The new Pacman showed mercy to Rios

We may call Manny Pacquiao’s performance in his recent win against Brandon Rios a safer way of winning. Pacquiao displayed precise boxing efforts. He carefully threw his punches and evaded counter hits from his opponent--but we are not used to seeing this kind of Pacquiao very often.

The Destroyer 'Manny Pacquiao' showed Mercy to Rios
The Congressman demonstrated his Mercy to Rios.

Manny, who suffered a devastating knockout loss in the hands of his great Mexican rival, Juan Manuel Marquez, could have been afraid to get another deadly flush in the face. Manny Pacquiao was evidently very careful in throwing his punches to Rios. On the other hand, we may also conclude that he finally decided to just win on points--don’t chase for the knockout, if it comes, then so be it.

In the last two(2) rounds, Rios had nothing left. He was running on fumes. It was clear that Pacquiao was just carrying Rios all throughout the remainder of the fight because Manny already proven he was the better fighter or Manny Pacquiao probably didn't want to cause further injury on Brandon Rios. Pacman was holding back all his punches. He never went on the attack, even when Rios was (forgive the cliché) a walking punching bag. I believe that Pacquiao could have done more. But Pacquiao was taking pity again just like the latter rounds in his fight against Margarito.

Pacquiao tends to fight hard when he knows his life is in danger. A good example of this is his fight against Margarito. When Margarito kept pushing him hard and throwing lots of punches at him during the early rounds, Pacman unleashed rapid combos at him.

The old Pacquiao would have landed another combo at Rios after Brandon stopped to smile from a hard hit. Pacquiao would never let an opponent read. He would ambush an opponent again while he tries to regroup. Pacman won most of his fights by relentless attacks.

I know he could’ve struck Rios some more, even beat him to mash the whole night but he chose not to. During the early rounds, Pacquiao’s hooks were just gruesome. Surprisingly, the man I saw in the boxing ring was a man not only thinking about his future but for his opponent as well. Manny Pacquiao was probably trying to tone down on the beating he was serving and thought of Rios’ boxing career. Rios is still a young kid and Pacquiao decided not to knock his boxing career out, the same path that he gave Margarito.

I just missed those good old days when Pacquiao used to show one “helluva” fight after another. The destroyer/ mexicutioner will probably never be back, as it bid its last farewell several years ago, same time Pacquiao had his new found religion. I wouldn’t go as far as blaming someone’s beliefs. Anyway I still love the current Pacman--very classy, considerate and gentle fighter, but still maintain a formidable force to watch out.

by Sherwin Dela Paz

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