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Kobe Bryant's $48-M deal with Lakers, Smart or Dumb?

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers Agreed to a 2-year- $48 Million Deal, Smart or Dumb Move?

Do you think that the 48M USD deal offered to Kobe Bryant is a risky move for the Lakers organization? The basketball star's return to the hard court of NBA is not yet known following the injury he obtained last season. Hence, I believe that the contract of Kobe Bryant could be detrimental for Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe Bryant's $48-M deal with Lakers, Smart or Dumb?
The contract signing photo was taken from Kobe Bryant’s twitter account.

After coming off a career frightening Achilles injury, Kobe's 2-year $48 million deal may be seen as a huge risk if he cant return to his old superstar self, the Black Mamba who gave the Lakers multiple championships.

I know Kobe Bryant has been the face of the NBA now alongside Lebron James. He brought more fans to the NBA. I  know how determined he was and he will always be but we must understand the degree of his injury. It would severely limit the player's confidence, movements, explosiveness, and lateral motion. It makes harder for Lakers to sign a big name listed as free agent under the new CBA due to extreme harsh penalties. Say goodbye to your hopes of landing outstanding players like Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Kevin Love.

I would like to applaud Kobe for earning another huge NBA contract but in terms of what Los Angeles needs and what Kobe wants (another ring), this may not be his smartest decision. No one knows how sturdy when he gets back to the court.

I don’t think Kobe should be taken that much if he was frantic to earn that 6th championship and match the number of Michael Jordan’s rings. To put this in a good standpoint, Duncan is on a 3 year $30 million deal. Duncan took less for more talent to come in. One makes you wonder why Kobe didn’t do the same. I keep hearing Bryant fans defend his gargantuan contract by saying, "At least he's loyal!" Come on guys!, loyalty isn’t a factor here. More of like a drizzle of greed or arrogance if you would ask me.
When LeBron went to Miami, he proved he was willing to do anything to win a ring. He took a pay cut and an image cut by sharing the stage with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

He's reaping the rewards now though.

Bryant has always been characterized as a guy who will do anything to win. But a lot of that doesnt sit well with history. His feuding with anyone who would take attention away from him, be it Phil Jackson, Shaq or Howard, belies that notion. He chased them all away at one time or another. Now he destroys any chance the Lakers have of getting a major free agent by swallowing up massive cap space. I just wish the Lakers’ Organization as well as its fans all the best.

by Sherwin Dela Paz

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