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Future UFC Megafight: Jon Jones vs. Cain Velasquez

Future UFC Megafight of Jones and Cain Velasquez

Jon Jones’ campaign in the light heavyweight division has been exceptional. Although his division is stacked, Jones’s UFC career stays healthy with future fights already being lined up for him including a rematch with Gustaffson. During the first encounter of the two UFC fighters, Jones had a hard time figuring out his opponent forcing the fight to went the distance.

Future UFC Megafight: Jon Jones vs. Cain Velasquez
(Left: Jonathan Dwight "Jon" Jones Right: Cain Ramirez Velasquez)

Jon Jones still clamor to further solidify his throne in the UFC and recently stated that he has his attention in a future super fight with UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez, who seemed insuperable after his recent win against another heavyweight fiend in Junior Dos Santos.

“I’ve really been thinking about me and Cain Velasquez going at it. I think that would be huge for the sport. He’s definitely the toughest guy in the division and he’s not that big, so I think it would be a really entertaining fight. So don’t be surprised if you see that sooner or later.” said Jones in an interview.

A budding move up to heavyweight has long been discussed for Jones, thanks to both his large frame and his completely prevailing supremacy as champion. And the move may take place earlier than we think.

“I think that’s going to happen in the next two years,” he said. “I’ll go up to heavyweight permanently. I’m looking to take a super fight sooner or later, within the next year.

“I think the UFC really wants to see me and Alexander Gustafsson rematch really bad, and they really gave him a really easy path back to the belt,” Jones said.

While we wait for the possible Jones – Velasquez bout, we may first look forward to the second Jones-Gustaffson fight first or even a rematch  with Rashad Evans who won two in a row and becomes a contender to Jones’ belt once again.

How I wish a mini tournament between the awesome trio of Jon Jones, Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva could take place. It was one of my dream fights. But this thought may seem to be unworkable because of GSP’s recent controversial win wherein most fans thought he didn’t really win and the tremendous upset made by Weidman when he knocked Silva out.

by Sherwin Dela Paz

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