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How to Create Facebook Year in Review 2016 Videos?

Facebook Year in Review gives us the option to collect all good memories we had for 2016 in a video. The clip starts with a message "Another trip around the sun".

Stop wondering what Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook has prepared for us this year. The founder of the largest social networking website in the world just officially unveiled the Year in Review 2016 feature allowing each of the Facebook users to create an instant video containing some important collections of their personal highlights and special moments in 2016.

Here are some steps that you need to follow to create your own year in review video on Facebook.

How to Create Facebook Year in Review 2016 Videos?

Visit the Facebook year in review page: https://www.facebook.com/yearinreview - This will prompt you to "request video", so simply hit the button to proceed. After the button is clicked, you are going to see the following message:

[Your name], we wanted to give you a chance to look back at your year.
It should only be a few minutes now! We'll send you a notification when your video is ready.

Based on experience, you will just have to wait for about two to three minutes before you get the notification alert telling you that the video is now ready for further modification.

Once you are notified, a link will direct you to a page that has the options (a)Edit Video and (b)Share Video.

Facebook allows the user to select what they want to include in the video timeline. Most of the time, people prefer to collate memorable experience from their photo albums. More importantly, they opt to add positive and inspirational messages they posted in 2016.

After completing these simple steps, you can now proceed and share your year in review video to your friends or to the entire social media community.

Let's spread this cool feature of Facebook so others can also reflect their memorable stories in 2016 and translate it to a year in review video.

Here's a detailed walkthrough and guide in creating year in review 2016 video using the Facebook app.

UPDATE: We received some reports that some of those who attempted to create their year in review video could not access the Facebook app page. They encountered an error saying saying that the" video is not yet available" or it tells them that there's no enough content in the profile albums or whatnot. In line with this difficulty, we learned that Facebook is currently enhancing the video app which has caused downtime.

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