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Simple Guide to Create Facebook Valentine's Day Cards 2017

Want to learn how to create a greeting card using Valentine's Day Card app of Facebook? If yes, then this simple guide and tutorial is definitely for you.

Steps to create a stunning greeting card similar to Hallmark cards aren't that easy. It requires intensive skills and creative mind to come up with the right cover design. Good thing that technology today is making this thing possible without too much effort.

We are referring to the Valentine’s Day Cards app which was recently launched by Facebook. The kindness of Mark Zuckerberg really influenced a team of 'artists and illustrators from New York and London who have incorporated a mixture of styles to capture the many things Valentine's Day could mean to you.'

Sweet lovers all over the world are repeatedly posting greeting cards this Valentine's day using e-cards on Facebook. The simple yet meaningful designs enticed more people to use the app to express their affections and love on social media.

Simple Guide to Create Facebook Valentine's Day Cards 2017

We bet that you are eager to create your own Valentine e-card using the Facebook app, so we are giving you a simple guide to help you design your card.

We noticed that not all Facebook users are able to gain access to the gallery of the app. It seems that invites were randomly sent to certain people asking them to test the application. However, we found a workaround which will allow anyone to create a Valentine's Day card.

To get started, open a new tab in your browser and visit this link. This should direct you to the card collection set which will display some photo covers for you e-card.

Select an image that you like to use. Take note that once you click the thumbnail photo, its corresponding enlarged version will be displayed at the left hand side of the screen. After you have chosen the card that you want to use, just click 'Share' button. 

[For advance users, you can also save or download a copy of the images from the gallery if you like to edit or enhance the pictures by adding fancy filters or alike.]

You can add a personalize message as well before you post the card. However, please note that the actual texts won't be printed on the card photo cover itself, instead it will be just like a normal post message on your wall status. You can also share the personalized Valentine day card directly to your friend's timeline.

There's a designated gallery or a collection set of Valentine Day cards in the Facebook application. However, this app is not designed to create a super stylish greeting card. This limitation is particulary emphasized in this article to set expectations that this newest feature on Facebook isn't built to be an advance e-card.

Visit the direct link of Facebook Valentine's Day Card for you to pick the photo that you like to share online. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Spread love and share an e-card on Facebook.

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