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Watch:Friends Day Video on Facebook,(+How to Create Video Tutorial)

We have a quick tutorial on how to design and create a wonderful friends day video on Facebook. This is intended for beginners and to those who requires simple and helpful tips in building the video clip.

There are several users in the Facebook community who were made aware in the advance release of #FriendsDay, a feature allowing users to create instant videos out of the photos that were previously shared in the largest social networking site. However, significant number of internet users are quite unfamiliar on how to use the app to modify the content of the video.

We came up with this post to address the challenges encountered by non tech-savvy users and those people who needs detailed walk–through to complete the video creation process.

This short tutorial provides you few simple steps to create your personal #FriendsDay video.

Visit the official URL of the Facebook app to privately view your video. You can either see on the page (1)a message on the button that tells you to "Request Video" or (b) a message that reads;

"We're celebrating friendship on Facebook's 13th birthday, so we made you this video about you and your friends."

The first message would appear if your friends day video is not ready but you can just click the request button to start the process. You might need to wait for about 10 minutes or so before you receive the notification that your video is now ready for sharing/editing. Take note that sometimes the completion of the request may take hours while the lucky ones may get it in less than five minutes.

Once you fully gain access of the video, you can now choose to either (1)Edit Video or immediately (2)Share Video.

The first button allows you to alter the initial photos included in the suggested video content, which can be viewed at the right hand side of your computer screen. After you click "Edit Video", you can browse some existing photos from your Facebook albums or you can also upload a new batch of photos from your computer to replace the precompiled images. When you are done modifying your video, click "Share video" button. Then define the audience whom you like to have view access of your friends day video and finally click "post".

These are very simple steps to create your friends day video. So, what are you waiting for? Log in to your Facebook account and follow the given instructions.

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